Monday, January 18, 2016

Communards - Don't Leave Me This Way (Extended Version) /Moncler Gamme Bleu 2016-2017 Fall Winter Mens Runway ~
As long as there is war, camouflage will ALWAYS be on trend. Well Thom Brown jumped on that. War is never a good thing so why not add some colour to the traditional 'greens' and somber browns.

All these looks really look a like, but they are different. You have to take a moment and look at each piece. I'll post MY stand outs, if I can can pull the puzzle? Check all the looks and click the link.

Styles: camo camouflage print pattern motif, cat burglar knit mask, gloves, suit, outerwear oversized coat, jacket, cape hanging sleeve, furry plush, sleeveless vest waistcoat, Herringbone, wool, fleece, houndstooth check, pinstripe, quilted, cardigan"

 If everything is going to match completely, may as well layer it!

I prefer this first look. Hey, there's a shirt and tie in that look!
 I REALLY LOVE this first look. The longer jacket underneath is paired perfectly with a shorter coat and cropped pants.
 Sometimes the pants in this collection look like ski pants. I'll have to pass an those. I do, however like the vest, in  the FIRST look.

 A little FAUX for warm and texture.

 Really appreciating these coats! #details!

 Who doesn't need a long trench? Love the looks. #JUSTLAYERIT
Remember to break it up. I wouldn't suggest dressing full on cammo. Pick a piece, which WILL be a statement piece, and add your own personality to it. It's fun! May be leave the mask at home or wear it as a toque. Good luck!

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