Saturday, December 5, 2015

Q-Tip - Breathe And Stop / See by Chloé 2016 Pre Fall Autumn Womens Lookbook
"See by Chloé Paris showcases their 2016 Pre Fall Autumn Womens Lookbook Presentation. From the collection, we selected only the top fashion forward styles and our favorite pieces."

My choices and thoughts....

I absolutely love the styling.....The first look is brilliant, head to toe. Love the neck piece. Something so simple can make such a huge presence!

I don't what it is with these "girlie" skirts, dresses and tops...but I love them. It has a vintage appeal to it.

Here I'm really only interested in...the first dress.Loving the colour and classic vintage touches.

It's clear I love anything denim. #details...and I appreciate the second look also. Love the red bag.

...ON THE FENCE. Something about that second look is appealing? May be if there were some styling changes. What do you think? It made my cut.

Here I am only looking at that black vest. Looks very sturdy like protection. Fabulous details and can be worn with everything!

 The second look. Love it.

Make sure you click the link to pick your favourite looks! You will always find love in "CHLOE"

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