Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I feel I have to say something since I just came back from a vacation. Just words... all over the place. / Blue Sky

Let's see...
We left early and I saw a fly on a wall....kidding.
I preface by stating how much I am proud of our airline West Jet. In ALWAYS have a great flight. Strange, I even enjoyed a conversation with a stranger next to me one time, ironically from Mexico City. Anyways, HOORAY for WEST JET and thank you.

When we got there and felt that first rush of new foreign breeze mixed with diesel. Anyway, EXCITING moment, always. Then we choose to take the taxi, it's more economical. ( I really wanted a car, but whatever ) The best part is watching all the traffic and crazy driving and super crazy "anything goes" kind of driving. I counted 12 men obviously off work in one truck...and that's nothing. I won't go with the whole children,"CHILDREN in the car..hello???!!!!" - thing.
But anyway I saw the palm trees, felt the warm of the breeze and I just stuck my head out and let my hair flow like a music video.

We always go to Torre Malibu

They are always kind, the rooms are spotless considering all the ants. The most beautiful part of my day is when that lovely lady who I have no memory of her name wishes me a beautiful day in Spanish EVERYDAY. Her smile. That's all. It's so genuine, and meaningful. (two different meanings) I always miss her, when we leave, until I completely forget about her. The massage guy there....heaven. The actual massage was so perfect too, I like that deep tissue massage..PROFESSIONAL.  It has to have that good pain you know? Otherwise they're just putting lotion, wiping it all over you..ALL over you and then you get to watch their feet shimmy from one end tom  the other while listening to water and flute-like sounds made of bamboo. Oh, and sometimes they hop on your back and kneed you like bread. This guy knows his shit! I almost fell asleep even if he was right near the ANUSASHA. I usually feel all weird when that part happens, but not this guy.
Oh, and for real...he's so cute / meets gorgeous. Like a smaller Ricky Martin, but cuter because I got to him a bit and he's cool.

Ok, back to our arrival. WE dropped it, changed it, collected everything needed and more in the beach 'tote', which is just a nike back pack. I'm with a Sagg...inside of bag like Jenga! Found our fave spot and made it our "perch", (RIP G.P.), and cooked our bodies at a decent temperature. It was bearable. Had a few drinks, usually some fruit and the, "odd" cigarette. It's vacation. Same as, .."only when I drink". I had about the most I ever had in one vacation to infinity. I barfed little bit.

AT THE BEACH. I love watching people and praying for good music. I'm not really into that SAME circuit beat on and on only in various versions and if you're lucky you'll get like a classic slow jam in a dance techno version. I hate that. Just leave those songs alone, please. Us die hards are happy where they are. #50 #60 #ClassicRock #70 #80 #90. They're beautiful songs sung with pure talent and talent alone...for the better part. I love electronic beats and soulful bounce, or just great a radio. I'm weird that way. I love everything. #RANDOM

Then I usually go up after a couple hours tops and climb up those stairs I called "Stairway to Heaven", if you follow me on Instagram. I skip one stair overtime and as fast as I can without knowing I will feel sick at the a steady pace. It's unbalanced, but it had a bar and I just don't care. I want that workout. It's the short cut approximately 26 steps to the entrance of the condo OR  MORE...and then about...I can't remember..may be 36 more, to the pool deck?

I enter my heaven. I play music, long on with a view like I was in a movie, and pretend it's my life style. Like I live there. I hardly went out and when I did it was twice. Once for a good 15 minutes and the second time...30...and I never went dancing. I always just wanted to go back to the condo or eat cheese and manages...and shop around. Vanilla's on sale!

Everyday was pretty much like this.
 Routine, but not. That's why I was online frequently. I just listened to music I posted, and sang them like I was the only one there. Within 15...there I was no one there.
I didn't care. I was happy. This is what I mean about being 'selfish'. May be I should have chosen a different statement like, 'loving oneself'; 'live one minute at a time'. I made these choices and I had great days everyday..even when it rained. THAT was spectacular!

Did I meet people? Yes, of course, I find it strange when someone 'doesn't' address you, here. Everyone says, Hola! I met my neighbour, a very cool masculine man, man.( Believe me I tried), but I'm very shy in that area..meeting new people. I'll get there. I can do it anywhere else but home. What does that mean???? Remember it was proven that gay men share  a similar gene as women, well...everyone talks EVERYONE! We are bitchy and caddy in that way women are in change rooms and classrooms, too. I was in a class of 83 students, 2 guys and one failed. I saw it all and I have been bread by women most of my life. I hope I do not offend any woman, I just want to state my reference.
 It's difficult to trust if you are the kind who is ready to keep it 'real'. Men will be men is what I say, gay or straight, and the one's in between. Can you imagine two in one relationship? How can you trust a 'stereo typical', good looking gay man? I had my share...and not so good.

Back to my P.V story:
Oh right we're in Puerto Vallarta. Um, pediicure on the beach with my lovely lady, "Christina". I love her. She has that "Mom-thing". I can feel it. Everyone there is very helpful, kind and it was great. Ate everywhere there's cheese, which is everywhere and shopped at this teeny family oriented shop for necessities, you now? Like MANGO JUICE with ginger ale, or sprite or 7up...oh and soda water. My drink at home and water. Love that lady, too. Very sweet and educational.

I don't know what else to share what I want to......??? I was in work mode so my focus was in gear.
Had to take advantage of it.

OH! I met these lovely twin couple with up buns from Toronto? One was wearing seriously...something that cover s only his genitals and a couple of strips to hold in the genitails. It's boiling hot so they're down there! Bare ass free as a bird. The construction guys were awesome, they loved them! I'm sure their party was more fun than the twins! They all shared names and all. Hilarious. I also met another Filipino guy and his partner. His partner was like almost 70 and had a better body than a lot of the other younger contenders. Glowing spirit, he was and is.

Then we ordered the cab, well found a cab to meet us at 6:30pm...going to the airport home. He showed, on time precisely. Then off we went, then the car just died. KAPUTS! So he hailed the next guy and we did the switch right there along the side of the intersection. No problem. Solved FAST!

We're at the airport and something happened because we weren't thinking because we were so tired and lethargic. I put about 5 gallons of Vanilla in my back pack as my carry on? Hello? ..hi Adele. BRILLIANT tonight, btw! #ADELE

Ok, how do I end this? I came home to YVR washed my face and passed out COLD.
I'm glad to be home. My sisters back from Paris. She looks so good.

Good night from Vancouver at 1:49 am.

*Ill tag all the names later ;)

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