David Bowie - Modern Love / Victor Alfaro 2016 Pre Fall Autumn Womens Looks ~www.denimjeansobserver.com

"Victor Alfaro showcases his 2016 Pre Fall Autumn Womens Lookbook Presentation. 
From the collection, we selected only the top fashion forward styles and our favorite pieces."

I will have to agree with the people of, denimjeansobserver.com. I absolutely love it all! I will share with you my favourite, "coupled" looks, and then you guys have to then click the link and see how 'perfect' I think it is. Each look is wearable, modern and minimal. If you choose to glam it up, you can! Brilliant. HAVE FUN WITH IT!
I 'll have to say this one! I'm really digging "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries", lately and 
that dress on the right is very her! #Iadmireherlook 
I'm loving red and black lately. Those, (what I call 'goucho's) and red top is romantic and feminine.