Saturday, December 19, 2015

David Bowie - Modern Love / Victor Alfaro 2016 Pre Fall Autumn Womens Looks
"Victor Alfaro showcases his 2016 Pre Fall Autumn Womens Lookbook Presentation. 
From the collection, we selected only the top fashion forward styles and our favorite pieces."

I will have to agree with the people of, I absolutely love it all! I will share with you my favourite, "coupled" looks, and then you guys have to then click the link and see how 'perfect' I think it is. Each look is wearable, modern and minimal. If you choose to glam it up, you can! Brilliant. HAVE FUN WITH IT!
I 'll have to say this one! I'm really digging "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries", lately and 
that dress on the right is very her! #Iadmireherlook 
I'm loving red and black lately. Those, (what I call 'goucho's) and red top is romantic and feminine.

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