Sunday, December 27, 2015

David Bowie - Modern Love / Denim Picks I: 2016 Resort Womens Fashion Trends

Here are my favourite 'denim' pics. Some may inspire you and others may turn you away from denim all together! These one's are the one's that made me think?
 ...something...I don't know? May be because It's different and Asian inspired. ( I love the Asian esthic..and NOT because I am from Asia.)

 Not usually a fan of quilted jeans or unnecessary stitching on denim but on this model, it looks fantastic! The jacket on the second look is a one to invest in. It will never go out of style and the versatility you can get out of that style, is endless. #Beltit! #canbeadress #becreative you already have the brilliant collar! #modern

 For those "book marks" that can pull this off! Must be 12 -18 lbs! #Joke of course, but seriously...tall, thin and beautiful, and that would probably be it. I can be wrong, though? Prove it to me.

 Absolutely perfect. Modern, simple and very basic. #modern / The second look...well. I can see potential with the top, but I have to touch, and have a look at those pants because they look like they fall into the unflattering side. I can see it being stretch and may be get rid of the yolk front!? ;) Like a nice high waisted pair of sleek pants, you know?

BELOW is nothing but perfection. Wearable, comfortable and chic. All looks.

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