Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Adele - Make You Feel My Love Lyrics HD / 2016 Spring and Summer Sportswear Fabrics Trend Preview ~zlhcircularknittingmachine.com

"2016 Spring and Summer Sportswear Fabrics Trend Preview "- See more at: http://zlhcircularknittingmachine.com/2016-spring-and-summer-sportswear-fabrics-trend-preview/#sthash.M2nDnwlp.dpuf

Well, I'll admit that I absolutely love sportswear. May be because I was brought up in West Coast. Vancouver has been attacked with being one of the worst dressed in the world. It was article that focussed on our, "Yoga" wearing culture and community. Anyway, who's laughing now?
Here are the 2016 trends that inspire me. Click link for more!

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