Tuesday, November 24, 2015

WHO DAT?! TRUMPS URINELIPS / Kanye West - Heartless

I just HAD to post this on my blog. Thank you for this Adam. I will say something, because I feel I always need to. #myshortrant To the supporters of MR.ENTITLED, or just our new HITLER, you may say. I do.
This man wants SEGREGATION. He may not say that directly, but that is what will happen. NOT one, except the "SUPREMEST" nations, and YOUR OWN COUNTRY!

Do you people understand what this will do to the WORLD? Making the choice to elect him as YOUR LEADER, guys....wow.
 Are the Americans thinking about the big picture? NO ONE REALLY LIKES HIM....or his ridiculous need to hold on to that hair! USE YOUR FUCKING MONEY AND BUY A NEW HEAD ALL TOGETHER.
 He supports the wealthy and treat the couldn't care less for the most fortunate. I mean, I think he has a heart? He has children. I just say the interview with Barbara Walters.

This image may be funny but speaks volume. His 'piss pot' is full of toxins effecting the human race.
I guess that's it. He's human...just one who thinks he's better than anyone else on the planet.

Also, have a look at his supporters. Hello???

Please, my American friends. End this. Help end this. WE ALL WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT.
Oh, and can you imagine what will happen if he does win?
Is there any concern for the integrity of your own country? You are all obviously VERY proud, #THEAMERICANFLAGSTATE...side note, that's just CRAAAZY! Be proud, yes. FOR SURE. WE are also proud and good luck, try finding may be 20 flags in the city, and they are mostly at government buildings! Obliviously I have an issue with that. For a minority, as beautiful as the flag is; it makes me feel very uncomfortable.

....with a good heart.

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