Friday, November 27, 2015

Janet Jackson - All For You / Jil Sander Navy 2016 Spring Summer Womens Presentation
" ICYMI, Jil Sander Navy conducted their 2016 Spring Summer Womens Lookbook Presentation during New York Fashion Week. From the collection, we selected only the top fashion forward styles and our favorite notable pieces." - See more at:

I'm excited about this collection. I just love it. It's young and fun, simple, always clean....always Jil Sander, in my eyes. Here are my favourites!
 This first look is a very clever. So creative. The multiple layering is just fascinating.

 Here's the "FUN"! Love that colour and puffy, peek-a-boo peplums!


 Wholesome. I have a special eye for the blue one. I appreciate the silhouette.

 To the left, to left, every I love to left , to left. The second look is cute, too.


BELOW: younger looks that can be worn for all women, it's just how you style it.

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