Saturday, November 14, 2015

Britney Spears - Circus / HUNTЯ: COMING SOON...DECEMBER 11.15 Interested Public · Hosted by Adam Dreaddy and Hunter Knows


Welcome to the house that you're about to build. This once a month event at XY, brings in fresh House DJ's, delivering quality House music for music lovers. No agendas, no drama, no cliques; HUNTЯ is here for the ones that want to dance, feel good, and deliver energy!  

HUNTЯ is not male or female, HUNTЯ is not black or white, gay or straight. HUNTЯ is who you want to know when you crave a night out like no other, and one thing HUNTЯ knows, is House music! 

Glad you're getting to know HUNTЯ, its been a long time, Vancouver's ready for this experience. 

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