Monday, October 19, 2015

Terry Poison - Gorgeous (OFFICIAL HD) / DRAPED MINIMALIST CLOTHING IN DIVKA FALL 2015 POSTED BY LEO ....check out this look book!
"If you do love draped clothes and minimalist style, then you gonna love latest Autumn 2015 collection made by Tokyo based fashion brand divka. New season is entitled 'face.' The process of research and experiments were put as a starting point."... ~ Leo 
WOW! I am excited with these looks! So excited, I picked my favourites. This is so up my alley! Comfort, minimal and easy. Modern with a very sophisticated edge. ENJOY!

 ...cover it up, and stay warm. Simple. <3

 A HUGE FAVOURITE! I absolutely love that coat.

 Something special about this one. Me likey!

 This is brilliant. Head to to toe.

 CRAZY awesome.

 #STRUCTURE #WOW This coat is so insane! :D! I want a men's version.
 Below: the perfect dress to do that exact pose!

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