Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Queen - I Want to Break Free (Official Lyric Video) / LUKAS MACHACEK FALL-WINTER 2015-2016 POSTED BY LEO for details! This place reminds me of the underground pedestrian tunnels in Moscow. NOT A HAPPY PLACE FOR ME. #headinjuries ...for just looking the way I do. AWESOME! >,<! #scars #mentalscars 
I would love to shoot a campaign that are fun without too much planning. These days, for some instances, a HUGE PLAN is not necessary. Simple is effective, too!
"The campaign for Autumn 2015 season was created in spring, even before the premiere collection on MBPFW. Designer wanted to achieve a gloomy winter blues with elements of punk and underground lifestyle. That's why the whole team spent the whole day in the underground garage of office buildings in Prague's Karlin."
Photographer: Petr Jandera (assistant Andrew Telecky)

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