Saturday, October 3, 2015

OTODAYO Records Ananaki - Crop Circles / Saturday, October 3, 2015 Vancouver Fashion Week S/S16 Friday - Vivienne Pash, Irma Borgsteede, Karma Love and Ha Sang Beg
Korean designer Ha Sang Beg has showcased his collections on the runways at VFW many times  - always receiving a loud and hearty reception. I have covered each and every one. What always makes his shows exceptional is that - unlike most designers who have an overall look for their label that continues from season to season - this designer starts fresh every time.  Each collection stands on it's own, coming from a brand new place, with a brand new look. There are no repeats. This is not easy and a sign of just how deep the designer's creative well goes.  You could look at his work like fine wine. Each season is distinctive and stands apart. Fans can look at a garment and immediately know when it was created. " ~ Marilyn

I HATE that I missed this. BRAVO!!!!!!!! I love the new HA SANG BEG! Edgy and BLACK...for the most part. Such creativity and innovation from a kind and playful soul. A HUGE TALENT. Pieces you can actually wear and turn heads! Thank you, Marilyn, for this important share. Click the link so you can see a what looked like a FANTASTIC night at Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 16. :D!

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