Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Love & Rockets - Haunted When The Minutes Drag - HD / I DARE YOU TO TRY THESE 17 LOOKS BY BLACKBLESSED FALL 2015 POSTED BY LEO
"This time I want to share with you brand's 17 minimal looks to wear from the streets to special parties. Italian label wants us to be confident and dare to be different. I love the way Blackblessed combines minimal design with Italian tailoring classics in a contemporary key." ~ LEO ....

I like to call this 'haunting minimalism'. The way I look at fashion is marked by my passion for culture, pop culture and fashion history. I like everything, lately. I see more great than , "..what the..?".

This collection is brilliant. I find it haunting because I see history and darkness, and it's so poignant and expressive. May be you will see what I see...or may be I watch too many paranormal television shows. ;) ...or the way they cleverly styled the model. 

Here are my favourites...
Hey. Where you going, girl?..yo.

 "Hi, I'll have a human heart, please."

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