Friday, September 25, 2015

Rose McGowan: RM486 (Official Video) / ALEX S. YU | SS2016 | THE EXPIRED DAYDREAM · Hosted by ALEX S. YU ~ VancouverFashion WEEK

ALEX S. YU will be showing his Spring Summer 2016 collection titled THE EXPIRED DAYDREAM for his third season at Vancouver Fashion Week on Sunday, 4th October, 2015 at 17:50 at The Chinese Cultural Centre, 50 East Pender Street, Vancouver.

THE EXPIRED DAYDREAM collection is inspired by the 1994 film, Chungking Express, by Wong Kar Wai. The collection takes reference of one of the film's characters, Faye -- a naive, carefree spirit, who acts at her own pace, and believes in the vitality of her love. The bittersweet and melodramatic mood of the film is translated into the pieces of this collection.

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