Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dash Berlin - Earth Hour (Original Mix Edit) [HD] / Ha:Sang;Beg Rocks the Vancouver Fashion Week Runway! ~

"Ha:Sang;Beg Rocks the Vancouver Fashion Week Runway!"

"Every show he puts on is produced with perfectly balanced layers of simple and complex. I don't even know how to explain it other than to just dive in. Some of the silhouettes seen were actually very simple - beautifully proportioned but not elaborate in design. However, the fabrics were extremely complex. No the looks you saw weren't created from a purchased bolt of fabric. I am going to put the surprise information on the fabric later, so read on. Other looks were more complex in design or embellishment, but paired with a solid colour or quieter print fabric." ....

Ha Sang Beg is also one my very favourite shows at Vancouver Fashion Week. I also got to meet this talented, enthusiastic and funny character. Funny man, this guy. ;) His collections are always reflective of his true personality. I am so pleased that we will be seeing him and his new collection this season. SO looking forward to it. 

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