Sunday, September 6, 2015

Chic ~ I Want Your Love / Shirtdress You Up: 2015-2016 Fall Winter Womens Fashion Trends ~
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Just the other day I was admiring this beautiful white linen 'shirt dress' at one of my favourite stores on West 4th. Very easy and chic. Always sophisticating with a cultural aesthetic. Love, love. These are the one's that caught my eye.

  I'm not really a fan of the second look, but these bold colours and prints on the FIRST two looks, are B R I L L I A N T! What's going on around the neck is very important to me, also. While I do appreciate the "dress" part, I am not a fan of the top portion. :(
...just me.

 I see an Asian influence! Simplicity and minimalism has just a HUGE impact when worn right.
 I am loving this trend!

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