Saturday, September 12, 2015

Book Of Love - Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) / HANANINGEN FLOWER SHOW FROM JAPAN Going Public · Hosted by Hikaru Seino and 5 others and US!

It never fails. Everytime my dear friend, Keiko Boxall puts on an event, it always sells out and for a reason!
I woke up this very morning knowing I will be attending this 'flower show'...that's what I keep calling it because I could never really know how to pronounce it. Lol! (I do now)
Anyway, I really had no idea what I was going to see? I thought, beautiful flower arrangements in this very modern space with some snacks and socializing! Well, was I ever wrong! Actually, not completely. It was a smaller space but perfect for this intimate event. The place was Japanese proper. Clean, fresh, minimal and modern. Perfect, I was loving it already. I really appreciate the Japanese aesthetic.

Then the show began. We had  the pleasure of watching a fabulous dance performance by Ralph Escamillan. Then we see two models sitting opposite of each other, back to back at the beginning of the catwalk. Hikaru Seino and his team began to work their magic by sharing with us his brilliant mind by creating these masterpiece floral head pieces.
We observed quietly as he began with a simple canvas and literally creating something remarkable! I suddenly felt like I wasn't in Vancouver anymore. I say that because I really have never attended a show like this.  The energy and aura was somewhat tranquil. It was well organized and curated.

Thank you, to Keiko and her team of talented models and especially to Hikaru Seino
and his team for coming all the way from his home country to share what was what I call "magic".

 ..and it begins....

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