Thursday, August 13, 2015

Emilie & Ogden - Style (Taylor Swift Cover) ...CANADIAN TALENT / URBAN SPORTY COATS FOR WINTER 2015-2016 POSTED BY LEO  ...absolutely beautiful. #CANADIAN 

Well, here comes all the winter collections! I don't mean to kill the buzz from the perfect summer we are having, here in British Columbia. 
Fabulous coats and clever looks created by genius designers. Leo has provided us with a series of the some of the most attractive coats for next season. These are my favourites. There are a lot, and I was being picky. So these are my VERY best choices.

Find out who these talented designers are and click it! ;D
 Yellow is always a nice pop of colour especially when paired with black.

 ...different fabrics, textures...brilliant. Love the cropped jacket.

 ...very cute. Think, "back to school".

 One of my ultimate fave's. Kind of like that 'Olsen sister' - thing. The only thing missing is that stupid Starbuck's cup. I find it sexy, and that DRESS! <3

 BRILLIANT. Find yourself a sick pair of fancy kicks to "urbanize", your look! It works.

 Functional and minimal. Love that silhouette. A staple in navy and with proper will never go out of style! Remember you can play with a coat like this. Belt it, for instance!

 I don't know... may be I just like the image. I am fan of greys, I'm just the kind of guy who would prefer a coloured belt to contrast the clever know, break it up. The belt looks too much like she was literally wrapped. ( a present ). There's also a black version, same idea. Good enough to make MY cut, though! ;)

 I just like everything about this. EVERYTHING! ...and I'm getting tired.

 Who knew a fleece can look so sophisticated? It's all about the length! ..and colour.

 Texture is a clever way to be innovative with simplicity. Beautiful.

 Head to toe #MYFABULOUS

 Don't forget those boots!!!! #WOW


ABOUT TIME! Well, I haven't seen this coat in denim. Love.

 I'm kind of getting tired of the animal print coats unless I see subtle details with appropriate styling. When wearing a printed coat, I believe, you should keep your outfit simple. Like above.

 LOVE this silhouette, and the pop of blue is what sells this coat. The power of the proper use of colour. The boots are PERFECT! You would think to pair it with shoes with some of that blue in it, but I believe, by choosing these boots, the look becomes more urban and playtful. #FUN



..and the FINALE of my faves. #CitySlicker ...hate that term. Good night!

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