Monday, July 20, 2015

Rennie Foster Rennie Foster - Paradise DJ Mix In Playlist RF DJ MIXES / PARADISE: The Black Madonna & NARK Hosted by Grace Towers & Abeardedboy Vancouver Pride Saturday MaybeInvite Public · Hosted by Matthew Santoro and 2 others
Vancouver Pride - Saturday August 1 - Fox Cabaret

Tickets available online at OR at Topdrawers - 809 Davie St. Vancouver.


Welcome to Paradise!

Where Vancouver's most amazing deviants gather to dance, to flirt, and be proud!


The Black Madonna (Smart Bar, Chicago), NARK (Bottom Forty, Seattle), Rennie Foster (RF), w/ House of Subversive DJs, Nancy Dru and Myte

Hosted by Grace Towers (San Francisco) and Abeardedboy (Toronto)

This is an extravaganza of performance, Disco, House, Techno, and maybe even a pinch of hands-in-the-air Gospel taking place over two floors in Vancouver's legendary former porn theatre, Fox Cabaret.

The Black Madonna is the beloved iconoclast of dance music! From her pulpit at Chicago's legendary Smart Bar to the hottest clubs around the world, she's been laying down the gospel of DANCE "for riot grrls, for cranky queers and for teenagers tired of this shit" ... and on August 1st? YOU!

The Black Madonna's sets are on fire with an infectious joy that has made her a crowd favorite at revered venues such as Berlin's infamous Panorama Bar.

Joining her is NARK, Seattle's favorite DJ of the legendary Bottom Forty and Nark Magazine. Nark currently resides at The Eagle in Seattle throwing a kaleidoscope of events including Dick Slap. His constant drive to send a dance floor through space keeps a flowing stream of classic club, techno, acid, sky-high disco and soul at your feet, just waiting to tango.

You WILL dance!

Vancouver's own legends of the underground: Rennie Foster, Myte and Nancy Dru round out the night

The outrageous Grace Towers is hosting this night of heavenly bliss, come witness the fierce moves, the gender fuxx, and the unapologetic werk of the famous Queen of San Fransisco. Joining her is Abeardedboy, hailing from Toronto, Dominic Fournier is an artist, entertainer, pornstar, entrepreneur and someone who you will never forget partying with!

Nothing is sacred except good vibes... and together WE make those happen!

Tickets available online at OR at Topdrawers - 809 Davie St. Vancouver.

Presented by Matt Santoro, The House of Subversive, and Nark Magazine.

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