Monday, July 20, 2015

Nu Shooz - Point Of No Return (Original Video) / Sibling 2016 Spring Summer Mens Runway Catwalk Looks
" Sibling 2016 Spring Summer Mens Runway Catwalk Looks "- See more at:
"In case you missed it, Sibling showcased their 2016 Spring Summer Mens Runway Catwalk Looks during London Collections: Men in UK United Kingdom hosted by the British Fashion Council. From the presentation, we selected only the top fashion forward styles and our favorite pieces."

You know, I'm glad I missed it. This just pisses me off. Other than rock and pop stars, I have no idea where you would wear this and not get beaten up. Seriously... well at least some of the pieces WILL ACTUALLY WORK IN YOUR FAVOUR.
Here are the few that just had to be seen.
This is why I just turn away from mens fashion collections. THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE of a designer who should be designing for women. If you enjoy all this glam and glitz, put your skills towards a collection that will bring out what makes you the special designer you are. Why do you have to be crazy? Men don't wear this. They just don't. Well not the men I would be around. It's just silly and a huge waste of fabric and just a comedy show.

Sorry. NO! This needs to stop. Some of the models even look like what they LOOK LIKE...fools.

What is not shown are some great looks from the same collection. Tailored suits in fantastic colours. Cropped pants with lace-up details at the ankles and fabulous prints.!

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