Thursday, July 23, 2015

Grimes - Go ft. Blood Diamonds / LUIGI BIANCHI MANTOVA FALL-WINTER 2015-2016 POSTED BY LEO
"...while softness and lightness is all about extra-light weight styles, and luxury is seen through the best quality fabrics (innovative mix of wool, silk and cashmere)." ~ Leo

I bought my first suit. I'm a fashion blogger and I have never owned a suit. I am going to The Deighton Cup, here in my beautiful Vancouver and a suit will be needed! It will be the first time I have ever attended and I am so looking forward to it! So, I am in SUIT MODE! 
After going through these looks, I feel a need to give this 'suit' thing a chance. The photography is brilliant and these So sexy. I never thought mixing plaid can look so good!
These are my ABSOLUTE favourites from a very decadent collection. Enjoy. ;D

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