Thursday, February 5, 2015

Send in the Clowns / Brain&Beast 2015-2016 Fall Autumn Winter Mens Runway ~
Brain&Beast 2015-2016 Fall Autumn Winter Mens Runway

I believe we have reached a point where menswear has gone out of hand! We see so many "workable" options for women. So many looks that all fall in the category of chic, glamour and personality. For men, it is whole new ball game. I understand that men are more free with fashion and wish to be fashionable or pay more attention to how they present themselves, but is this what we have to look forward to? I can see that there is thought in this collection, but seriously? Are our designers just too young? This appears to be a very young mind. I appreciate the work, but is it just a waste of time? With the exception of some looks ( to see all) , I just get frustrated. It's just not fair.
These are ridiculous looks for the those who like to dress this way. I'm sorry but it is a SEVERE NO! Remember these are styled for the show. PICK IT APART, and then we are in a safer place. ;D
    Now, what is the purpose of the dog? Cute and all but tell me, what is this story? TELL ME! ARGH!


 ( BOTTOM) Some fantastic pieces and talented work but again, help us to like it. Show us how to wear it in a way we can all appreciate it. Don't make walk away and leave us laughing...

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