Friday, February 13, 2015

Headphones make a fashion statement! ~ / Common - The Light ‌‌ - Bohemia After Dark

Fashion has hit hit's mark as, "EVERYTHING GOES". It's all about happiness. What do we love? We find it. If we can't we find a way, we get it made. We need to express who we are and feel good. It's about peace and harmony. It's about personality and individuality.

Make your look personal by choosing the right accessories that projects your personality and lifestyle. Why not up the ante and choose a sexy pair of headphones! Some come with interchangeable covers now, for daywear and for the evening! Urban chic, with wood veneered details and industrial chic! It's all there. So many luxurious styles to choose from...and  with quality sound to boot!

I can not leave my place without my Marshall's. Makes me feel like a "ROCK STAR"

"Jeremy Renner wears a pair of noise cancelling headphones as he makes his way through JFK Airport on Thursday (December 5) in New York City."

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