Saturday, February 14, 2015

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If you haven't already noticed, I am one who would love to be in love. I think that is why I connected to Moulin Rouge. I am obsessed with being in love! Well it hasn't really happened, yet.
 There has been, "love" in my life, but I was young and that was DEFINATELY  'young love'. Just enjoying each other and having fun, until the next guy comes along.
Now that I am ticking a new box (45-50 year olds), I find myself wanting the real one. The real love. The one's you see in movies. I want to finish a full day of work and know I have something to look forward to when  I get home and that would be, to be with the person who made me a better person. The man who supports whatever I do and makes me laugh. Someone to cuddle with and watch our DVR'd television or movies with my dog. Someone to teach me new things and loves to travel. Most importantly, a family man. I have been the single guy out FOR SO MANY YEARS in my family. I am the one without a loved one or even an interest to bring with me to my family gatherings. It's something I always think of when I am about to head off to yet another party...partnerless.
I get invites ALL THE TIME and it always asks if I have a "plus one". I just hope one day I can finally say, yes.
Love the one your with.

Not desperate, but hopeful. ;)

To all you lovers out there, consider yourself blessed to have found someone you care about enough to want to celebrate this special day with you. ;)

Now, back to fashion.


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