Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentino | Fall Winter 2013/2014 Full Fashion Show | Menswear (Exclusive)

                                                    I love this.
This brilliant collection backs up what I say, when I express the importance of tailoring. The "modern" tux, and "modern" suit, has changed. (thank God) It more sleek, body conscious, and shorter ( jacket and pants ).We don't have to look like 'dorks' at the office, anymore!

Can you imagine walking into your office dressed in one of these? Ok, I would leave the purse at home, and exchange it with one that would guarantee me a good day at work. ;)

I am liking the idea of men carrying "clutches", or this case a bag that wraps up into a clutch. This one is cool.

You know if you go through your old suits, chances are you can tailor them! In fact I suggest you do, if you even care. Get it modernized! A good tailor can...providing on the fabric, I would suppose?

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