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SNL "Triangle Sally"

Niki Menaj

Britney Spears..."I Wanna Go"

"I'll Drink To That"

T.I. Here Ye Here Ye Feat. Sk8brd

Sean Paul "Press It Up"


"Chasing Pavements"...Adele.

Nathalie Imbruglia..."Torn"..yeah, I'd be 'torn' if I was losing that guy too!...but I don't think she was losing him.

Lisa Loeb "Stay"

Ideas for men tonight.

Some ideas for tonight!

HILARIOUS!...only because the accent. Sorry, it's so funny to me and many Filipino's and their friends.

Eliza good friend, Rob's wife, a model in the beautiful.


What I did last night.


John Lennon, "Beautiful Boy" :)


Filipino's cool.

"Angels" Robbie Williams

"Rythm Of The Night" De Barge

M.I.A. "Galang"

Rihanna.."You Da One"

The Firm..."Firm Biz"

Off Work...Celebrities in their casuals.